Atlas v Chicken Little
What holds up the sky?

Question of the day: What holds up the sky?

In mythic times it was Atlas who held up the sky, as in 'reach for the sky,' or further East is was a turtle that held up the Earth.

I have another idea.

I say that logic holds up the sky.  This is not just any logic, it is monadic logic, and as I am wont to do I will argue with some cogency that monadic logic is difficult to distinguish from anthro-teleo-logic, or from just plain agape/love, for that matter.

What holds up the pie in the sky?  I mean what holds up pi.  I will argue that the force that fixes pi is the same force that fixes the stars, more or less.  The same force that is with us.

How is pi fixed?  By logic?  And who fixes logic?  Ask 100 mathematical philosophers and you will get 100 different answers.  Am I smarter than 100 mathematical philosophers?  No, I just have a little more horse sense.

The fixity of pi has both mathematical and physical aspects which ultimately, in true monadic fashion, are indistinguishable.  The fixity of pi points to the incredible monadic unity of mathematics.  Every respectable mathematician has come up with at least one novel formula for pi.  And guess what?  They are all equal.  They all point to the incredible richness and precision of math, that we love to take for granite.

Pi is a candidate for the mathematical monad, or grail, if you will.  It is the solid anchor of the endless convolutions of abstractions that make up the exploding/imploding body of mathematics.

My claim is that the starry heaven is another manifestation of the ultimate monad.  That is the ultimate Pi in the Sky.  That is our mana and our fortress.

There is a logic to the stars.  It is anthropo-logic.  If the stars were not just so, we would not be here to contemplate them.  The physicsts say that we are made of star dust.  We anthropo-logicists say that the stars are our mind dust.  Each star is like unto a unique formula for pi, only we have not yet figured the astronomical version of pi.  The fact that 10^10 is a magic number in astronomy, physics and biology is a clue to help us discover that monad.

As we persist in saving the astronomical phenomena with our phenomenal M and now K-theories of Everything, that point to the ultimate convergence of astro-anthro-psycho-logy, can we not see that the monad is ours for the asking?

The fixity of pi is dependent upon the fixity of physical and abstract geometry and upon both our mental and computational techniques and aparati, and upon quantum based classical determinism, not to mention space-time. The fixity of pi is then not very different from the fixity of the energy levels of hydrogen which also depend on pi, as much as pi depends on them. There is an eco-logy of knowlege that points to the unity of existence which is the monad.  'Eco' means home.  The cosmos is nothing other than our home. The monad is our ultimate home.  We are the home boys and girls.  That is our great, inevitable, agapic attractor.

What keeps the stars and atoms and pi all in their proper places is the same teleo-anthro-eco-logic.  It is an irrefutable logic despite Samuel Johnson's attempt to refute it by the mere kicking of the stone.

But Chicken Little will refute this logic and she will not even have to kick a stone.  She will sing the song and tell the story that will reopen the flood gates of our memory of auld lang syne.  With our renewed psychic alignment it will be as if the value of Planck's 'h' were to increase as we are reushered into the final shamanic dream time.  That is how the sky will fall, how Atlas will shrug.  One will have to be stone deaf not too hear the music of the spheres.  Even the stars will dance to this tune, oh ye of little faith.

It is as easy as pi in the sky.


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