Believing in Love
The one thing there’s just too little of….

Anyone who wastes her time believing in something other than love, is simply not acting rationally.  This is because every sane person agrees that love is the one thing there is just too little of.

Capitalism will never buy us love.  Science will never find us love.  Therefor most of the energy being lavished on these two enterprises is misguided.  We are not behaving like the rational animals we are supposed to be.

How can we be more rational in love?  Can we not agree that love is no accident, and it is not superfluous?  If we do not believe in the ultimate victory of love, will we be diligent in its pursuit?  Is there any point in living if we know that love’s labors are lost?

Can we not agree that there is one person who stands out in history as having put love at the top of the human agenda?  Was this not the most amazing and consequential feat in history?  Is that life not then the measure of every subsequent life?  How do we measure up?  Every subsequent enterprise exists in the shadow of that singular enterprise.  How do science and capitalism measure up?  Might they be found wanting in the balance?

How might we right the balance?  Is there any question more important than this?


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