The Big Bubble in the Sky
& The Best Possible World

The inflation model of cosmology suggests that our universe is a mere bubble created by a vacuum phase shift that could collapse tomorrow in a subsequent phase shift.  So, yes, we could say that our universe is just a fit of irrational exuberance.  Bubbles on Wall Street are pale shadows of the real thing.  The original contrarian would be none other than Satan, anticipating the next paradigm shift.

The inflation model may be carried over into immaterialism, which, as you should know, is the expected replacement for scientific materialism.  In immaterialism phase shifts and paradigm shifts work out to the same thing.  The two biggies being the Alpha and Omega that delineate human history, according to the prophetic tradition.  This would also be the best possible world, recognizing that all good stories must come to an end.  That bubble bursting Satan is then just another aspect of God, of course.  Let me then proceed with my devil’s advocacy.

Whether you are physicalist, fiscalist or an aphysicalist, the universe is a free lunch, like the stock market.  If you are a mystic you tend to eschew the lunch in favor of the eschatological wedding feast or parousaic hierogamy, finicky that you are.

With immaterialism the world is a fit of conspiratorial exuberance, a notch above irrational exuberance.  It is the aeonic hypostasis of the Archons (arch-conspirators), a holographic ‘folie a pleux.’  We are the almost self-sustaining inflation of God’s dream.  And from the preceding essay, we naturally, naively find ourselves in the biggest, densest dream bubble just before its collapse.  This is beginners luck, and Satan is just a big contrarian prick, but someone has to bring down the curtain on the cosmic drama, as we revert to the golden, nirvanic mean, or the mystical experience of nothing and everything.

What I have been trying to say in previous essays is that the big crunch has to be choreographed.  If we create a big enough bubble or bomb, be it on Wall Street or on Trinity Flats, respectively, the invisible hand has to manipulate in order to prevent a premature meltdown.  God has to look after the really big fools with their really big bubbles, because God is the bubble master, and because his brother Satan insists that only he be allowed to finally jump on our sandcastle in the sky.  God has, however, negotiated a Millennium for us, not that we particularly deserve it, but just for the exuberant logic of it.  Satan demanded a really fat bubble to jump on.

The point is that the day traders really have nothing on the Archons, and if you want to know when to sell AOL, better call your broker and then wait for her ‘buy’ signal, or else not.  It’s all in the mind, anyway.  Now biotech is an interesting bubble to consider in this hierogamic context.  I’m still considering it. It all depends on the best possible world.



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