Bird & Window
Where is the physics?

Bird flies into window.  Bird breaks its little neck.  What is the matter?  Where is the physics?

As an immaterialist I believe that there are circumstances under which the bird and the window might not interact.  Matter does not constitute an absolute reality.  It exists at the behest of some deeper reality.  Needless to say, our instruments are having difficulty detecting the deeper reality.  Only our psyches can detect it, and even they have difficulty.

The deeper reality is where our psyches interconnect.  That is the locus of the one substance, the potency that constitutes our immaterial world.  That is where the solidity of the world resides and from whence it can be transcended.  It is where the laws of physics reside.

Ours is the densest reality, but it is not the only one.  Other intelligences inhabit other realities with other rules of action.  When these intelligences interact between realities, each reality will be overridden by the necessary principles of linkage.  In the domain of overlap, matter will be less material.  The rules of physics are meant to be broken under such circumstances.  As we all transition to a greater spiritual consciousness, so will we more readily override and bend the existing rules of our consensus reality.

If there is a compelling reason for the bird to fly through the window glass it will come to pass.  It will not come about arbitrarily, or for an ad hoc reason.  In order to override physics, we must understand the spiritual purpose of the cosmos and see how we fit into it.  With the proper combined alignment of our spirits with the cosmos we shall overcome all obstacles to our desire to be one with God.  That is our resurrection.  The instructions for this are written in our hearts.

There may well be a spiritual ‘technology’ which will accompany our new spiritual powers.  This technology will only bear a passing resemblance to any existing technology.  The spiritual ‘technology’ will serve to maintain a finer degree of control over the application of the spiritual power.


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