The Bomb Squad
The dismantling of MJ12

Something scary lay buried in the desert.  MJ12 was a time bomb that would inevitably explode in our faces unless it could be dismantled in time.

We are safe now.  The bomb squad has been successful; the clean up crew meticulous.  The grizzled factotums are ensconced in their nursing homes.  The ashes have been scattered to the winds, dispersed to highways and byways in asynchronous packets.

Did the visitors then fail to deliver their message?  No.  This was the plan from the beginning.  The message was to be broadcast in just this shotgun fashion.  Once the intended recipients became convinced that the original message had been completely dispersed, they would then rise to the task of resurrecting the message out of the ashes.  In this way they could read the handwriting on the wall in at their leisure and in a spontaneous manner which bore no external threat.

So here we are.  How do we go about the process of reassembly?  How do we second-guess the original intent of the messengers and the source?  What do we make of this peculiar method of delivery?  Are we ready to ask the questions and sort through the possible answers?  Are we ready to face our destiny?


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