Burnt Meat
A truth tested by fire

My intuition is that truth will be more like a fire than a melting pot. It will burn away our illusions, particularly the illusion of scientific, formulaic, impersonal truth.

The ultimate truth will be recognized in our hearts, more than in our minds.  I stress that there are conceptual aspects to this heart-felt truth that will help us make the final leap, but that leap will also require faith.

In matters of the heart, it is not What you know, it is Who you know. Know Thyself, be true to Thyself.  Know God, be true to God.

There HAS been, there HAS TO have been, within history, a singular Manifestation of the personal truth -- a living Manifestation with which virtually no one has a significant quarrel.  This manifestation is our lifeline to God.  We can make the leap without this lifeline, but it would be far more difficult.  Let us not be so arrogant as to reject this blindingly obvious piece of cosmic assistance.

Everything else is either just gadgets or empty formulas. Do not put your faith in the void.  Follow your heart.

There are people in these fora who have been dazzled by the supposed gadgets of the Visitors.  They are much more concerned with the How of the Visit, than with the Why.  In this case, the Message is in the Silence, not in the Medium.  The Medium was merely intended to attract our attention to the Silence. It succeeded, but too many folks in these parts cannot get over the medium to hear the message. There is, to my knowledge, one singular close encounter which cut to the heart of the Silence. I speak of an incident recounted by Betty Andreasson:

Betty is standing in her kitchen when the visitors float in through the back door. She asks what they want. She receives the thought that they want burnt meat. She throws a patty on the skillet and quickly smokes up her kitchen. This action produces puzzled stares. She then receives the thought that what they seek is a truth that has been tested by fire.

That, my gentlefolk, is what this whole affair is about. Earth is the central, dense pit of the cosmos. It is here that the fire burns the hottest. For what other conceivable purpose would anyone bother to pass this way? That includes us, as well.

When will the blind ever see?


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