Aquarium’s Campus Initiative
A Simple Logistic

Making inroads into the academic community is the primary focus for the ‘Aquarium.’  It is here that the ‘battle’ of the paradigms will be engaged.  The upstart paradigm of immaterialism must outmaneuver the entrenched forces of materialism. As with most battles, the outcome will be determined by the logistics.

Scientific materialism is a broadly based, but rather superficial worldview.  Its devotees are, of course, lacking in spiritual motivation, and most academics are decidedly uncomfortable with the obvious inhumanity of materialism when carried to its illogical extreme.

Yet the challenge to scientific materialism remains inchoate.  The reason for this is the well-known incommensurability of paradigms.  The old paradigm provides no basis for the new one.  There is no logical progression from one to the other.  There is no piecemeal or compartmentalized approach to dealing with paradigm shifts, and especially not in this case where we are confronting a veritable paradigm inversion, or gestalt switch.

One does not have to ponder long to realize that a global awakening to the immaterial or spiritual nature of reality would constitute a revelation of apocalyptic or biblical proportions.  That most people would be intimidated at the prospect of initiating such an event, would be an understatement.  But where angels fear to tread, fools are wont to rush in.

I have volunteered to guide the transition to the new paradigm.  This would be unremarkable were it not for the fact that my offer has apparently been received with some interest within a critical venue.

The venue I am referring to is the semi-official ‘phenomenology network.’  The intelligence community has a responsibility to be vigilant with respect to ‘uncorrelated’ phenomena that might have implications for national security.  This vigilance has led to the accumulation of sequestered data that are at odds with the assumptions of scientific materialism.  It would be safe to assume that these data are not entirely anecdotal.

With the ending of the Cold War the sequestration of this data becomes more problematic.  However, the revelation of data that would subvert the shibboleths of modern civilization and which also has spiritual implications poses a major challenge for a modern secular government.  The official government has naturally shied away from this challenge and has gone on with its daily business.  That leaves a residuum of stalwarts holding the Pandora’s box.  This is a sobering responsibility, which likely enhances one’s natural fear of God.  If your were one of these folks, you too would be looking to God for a solution.

Something over twenty years ago I had an experience, which led me to believe that I would have a role to play in the revealing of a new/old truth.  Now I am in indirect contact with the keepers of the data.  Apparently they have incurred an obligation to assist in my mission to facilitate our transition to an immaterial worldview while ameliorating the consequences.  We can only hope that all of us are being guided from above.

Now for the logistic challenge: it is the old problem of the cart and the horse.  The sequestered data is the cart.  I am the designated horse.  The skeptical academics would naturally prefer to put the cart before the horse.  They want to see the data up front.  I can sympathize, but only up to a point.  In this case the ‘horse’ is also serving as a proxy for the ‘cart.’

I am the solution to the logistic challenge.  This is a package deal, and I am the package.  I am the interpreter of the data, but also I have become a critically significant part of the data.  If you don’t like me or my interpretation, you will like the ‘raw’ data even less.  Much of the data has been in the public domain for decades.  The data were received and disseminated in garbled fashion.  Much of it is highly subjective, and none of it bodes well for scientific materialism.

I am here to gain the cooperation of those who are most ready to cooperate in facing what is slated to be the ultimate challenge for humanity.  They will understand the desire to pull as few political strings as possible to initiate the process of transition.  They will understand why this ‘political’ process must be out in front of the raw data.

Cooperation entails nothing more than participation in a constructive dialog and inquiry.  Only in such fashion will a more subtle truth prevail.

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