Celestial Mechanics
The Wanderers

The Sun is nothing if not convenient, clever and ultimately necessary.  Necessity may be the mother of invention, but we are left to wonder at the conception.

The solar mechanics stitches together the greater part of our creation.  Dreams are in the night, but how many dreams are of the night?  What is it that illuminates our dreams?  The world of our dreams just glows.  There are no sources, as is sometimes remarked by experiencers.  Dream logic is not infused with the necessity of waking logic.  Logic demands a source.  The eye, existing as the sink, demands the source.  Dream logic is like painting without perspective.  Allow perspective, and geometrical optics ensues.

Tribal mind is lunar and nocturnal.  Ego mind is solar and diurnal.  With group logic there are no sources and sinks, there is just omniscience.  The Sun wakes us, centers us, and so does the son.  Waking logic is a solar logic.  I have said nothing of phototaxis and photosynthesis.  The Sun is a conspiracy, as surely as any magical bullet.  And since when do conspiracies cause sunburn?  Must there be a UV tail?  Yes, if there is to be a spectrum, or a rainbow.  If there are to be colors and a source, then there has to be a tail-induced pigmentation, which may be compensated in a lunar mind-set.  Only dreamers can escape the solar logic.

And speaking of the moon….  How are the lunar and solar logics to be conjoined?  One might do worse than inventing the moon.  Is that not too crude?  It may even be that the matricial moon has logical priority over the patricial sun.  Before the sun became such a burning issue, there was still a sky.  There were clouds in the sky, perhaps, if there was a lunar meteorology in the mythos.

The tidal force is a life force, as aquatic Darwinists can fully appreciate.  It would be ironic if lunar logic were beholden to the logic of evolution, speaking of chickens and eggs.  We need something more direct, but perhaps the moon is the mistress of indirection.  The logic of indirection must have a non-source.  The moon is perfectly so.  If only we had a Moonster Group to prove this contention.  Need we digress to the logic of the ecliptic as suggested in the subtitle?  The moon has been a stepping stone from the sun/earth system to the planets and beyond, but still it lacks the potency of necessity.

The moon is the mistress of the mythos as the sun is of the master of the logos.  It will be very difficult to demoonstrate that to our solar besotted minds.  Is the moon not the matron of mensuration?  Surely she is the mistress of every ancient calendar.  The moon is the spinner/weaver rather than the source.  If our logic fails to grasp the necessity of the weaver, then our logic is yet incomplete.  The moon is necessary to mediate the solar logos.  The moon points to the relational aspect of logic and reality.  She is the phenomenal non-source of all relational being.  She points to agape.  The non-phenomenon that points to the Noumenon: the implicate order. She is the great implicator in the sky.

If we understood the immaterial logic of the moon, we would all be immaterialists.  What prevents that is the seduction of Newtonian mechanics, which was weighed in the lunar balance.  Given the moon, celestial mechanics becomes child’s play, but since you are not yet likely to give me the moon, I will have to steal it in the night. 


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