Constructing Heaven
After the unrevolution, the unraveling

It may be that heaven does not yet exist.  Maybe it is up to us to construct it, but the construction cannot get underway until after the unrevolution.  I am referring to the anticipated overthrow of the original Copernican ‘revolution.’  Immaterialism will partially restore the anthropocentric worldview.  More accurately I anticipate a spiritualized anthropocentrism.

We have reached the logical summit of materialism.  That was the hard part.  Coasting back into our natural spiritual existence ought to be exhilarating.  Turning ourselves around to do that will be the most difficult step.  There is no reason why we cannot spend some time here to enjoy the view and reconnoiter our immaterial world.  If there were a heaven in anything like the traditional sense it would be perched atop our precarious Mount Olympus.  Our biggest risk is that we might individually or collective fall back into the spiritual womb of God from whence we have struggled.  This could happen by our becoming overly protective of our hard won rewards, or that we might overreach ourselves.  Tales of Atlantean catastrophes may be premonitions.

Our millennial Atlantean heaven is not meant to last, in any case.  We must complete the mission.  There will be no monuments, and even memories are set aside.  We will choose our own way back.  What remains is the actual possibility of a great world.  The realization of that possibility we already knew as a forgone conclusion.  Our present experience of it will remain a timeless possibility.  Ours is the shortest and longest path between here and here.  We do not need to grasp on to our ignorance.  It always was transparent.  This web of Ariadne is meant to be unraveled.  That is the object of heaven.  It will take two thousand years to unravel this knot of fear.  There is no need for haste.

This outward actuality is the projection of an innermost potentiality.  It resides there as the extreme possibility of logic and love.  It is the heart of the matter.  All of the seeming redundancy has been put in one place, and here on Earth it is not redundant.  There is no other redundancy.  Each thread of life is an accepted variation on the extremal path that marks the core of our history.


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