Construction of the World
Bricks & Mortar

The cosmos is composed of microcosms that are produced and held together by love.  This is the message of the Christ event, Jesus being the archetypal microcosm.

The cosmos is composed of 10^10 (10,000,000,000) souls that are produced in the big bang that is the eschaton of Christ consciousness.  Human history is the taproot for this cosmic tree.

There are other than human souls, but they are much less individuated.  Nature is composed of such souls that are differentiated on the basis of natural kinds.  Pagan animism deals with the ensoulment of nature.  Human artifacts are ensouled through our own exertions.  Witness the ‘soul of the machine’.

The individuation of the human soul is based in its personal memory.  Personal identity is based largely on the compartmentalization of memory along microcosmic lines.  Personhood enables us to act as communication nodes.  That network gives rise to space and time through a shared narrative and choreography.  The onset of cyberspace is the portent of the imminent inversion of space and time back into immanence.

Personhood stretches between the alpha and omega shocks.  The latter being the eschaton and the former being something on the order of the Thera event, a la Jaynes.  Those shocks, both actually operating teleologically on a bi-directional time line, represent the creation of the microcosm, as a phase change in tribal and cosmic consciousness respectively.  Realize though that on a deeper level of causation the genesis proceeds from microcosm to cosmos.  Christ as archetype/architect must contain the Alpha and Omega, as it is written.  All of us reflect that fact.

History both reveals and conceals the cosmos, i.e. Christ/God.  History is the outworking of the spirit.  History is dharma/karma.  It is dissolved in our salvation.  Our only legacy is our permanently unique potency.  All else is dressing.


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