& the end of matter

The only problem with planned parenthood, it is said, is that we cannot plan our parents, but others suggest that we do indeed.  I suggest that the lot of one’s birth is poorly correlated with the satisfaction of one’s life.  And as a corollary, let no one stand in the way of life’s passion to diversify.

Into this pot genetic engineering casts its lot.  We face the internal challenge of the eighth day of creation.  The mass anxiety/marketing juggernaut collides with biological determinism – the irresistible force, the immovable object.  While body art is but a dim portent, its implication is that the passion to diversify is intact.

The immaterialist take on genetic engineering is a resigned bemusement, i.e. this too shall pass.  It will play itself out by working itself out of its job inside of the Millennium.

Families are a big thing in most any scheme, and where would families be without family resemblance?  How else to promote and maintain diversity?  How better to balance the exotic and erotic?  And then there is mutation, the fascination of the evolutionists, with all its drawbacks.  No other fact puts creation in a darker, starker light.  This appendix of creation is meat for the genetic engineers.  Obviously their trade is God given; let us not begrudge them that.

Yes, there is a spiritual metabolism, of which all this organic metabolism is but a shadow play.  That curtain will be raised.  Cosmetology will be raised to cosmology.  Heaven may not be R&R, after all.  It may just be a bigger challenge.  We may wax nostalgic for Ma Bell and Genentech.  Let us master this school of soft knocks in the time allotted.  Our precious Millennium being but an intermezzo.


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