A Cover Letter
By way of apology…

In many respects ‘Felix Culpa’ is an outrageous statement.  I realize that because I still retain a shred of ‘sanity.’  I would like to be able to apologize for this statement, but I did not create the peculiar situation that has logically led up to it.  People whom I respect greatly have shouted their outrage at me, as might some of you, but when the shouting is over, where are the alternatives?

You may choose to ignore these implications for a while longer, but time may no longer be our friend.  The longer that we wait to look seriously at our situation, the less time will there be for deliberation and negotiation.  Or you may choose to deal with the problem directly, and that is why I am here for you.

Trouble was that after Rene Descartes we never really bothered to kick the tires of materialism.  Felix Culpa.  But now you will have ample opportunity to kick my tires.  I would not be coming before you if there had not already been a lot of that.  If there is still a shred of ego involvement, and there probably is, it is only because Dr. P. and a few others have fallen down at their job.

If at some point it is determined that I am not fulfilling my part of this bargain, will it be possible to pull the plug?  It will be, but only up to a point.  There will be a point of no return, and we should be on the lookout for that.  After that… les jeux sont fait.

The decisive point will be when the thinking segment of the public is able to suspend its belief concerning the origin of dinosaur fossils.  I suggest that those too could have been conjured out of the cosmic intelligence, and for a perfectly legitimate reason.  Is it possible that God could love paleontologists?  Why?  At first sight this does seem to be the end of rationality.  But, if you allow yourself to look once more you may see that it could also be the beginning of rationality.  Descartes attempted put asunder what had already been put together.  Realizing this may just be the first step back to reason.  Reason has become a  rare commodity, and that is why I am here.

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