The Alpha & Omega of it

Speculating on the subject of creation is about the most foolish undertaking that one might imagine.  Perhaps that is why I feel compelled.

Another motivation is my unhappiness with the orthodoxy.  Creatio ex nihilo definitely goes against my grain.  I see that as little more than a conversation stopper along the lines of ‘my old man beating up your old man.’  Dialog is essential to our salvation, and I suppose it was also essential to our creation.  Love has to do with intercourse on all levels.  The God of love cannot be a stranger to the creative potential of intercourse.  If we are social creatures then so is God.

It seems illogical to suppose that there might have been no existence.  The most rudimentary relational existence would be a virtual compound of subject and object, say, potential experiencing, which is about as close to nothing as one might get.  A totally passive experience may also be illogical.  A potency of willing would be a part of the proto-experience.  From the git go there are two orders of creativity: the spontaneous and the willed.  To that primordial soup we add the potency of love and voila, the rest is history.  God is the bootstrapped agent of a willing love.  If this makes God less attractive or less credible than an absolute monarch, then I will just have to eat my hat.

The attentive student will have noticed a proto-gender gap: spontaneous vs. willed creation.  Yin and yang no doubt, and already personalized.  Between will and spontaneity lies the cosmic intercourse of creation.  This is also the A & O.  The imminent eschaton is the furthest outreach of the will of God.  Form and substance and other dualities lurk in these same waters.


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