Crossing the River
View from the Boat

I would guess that WWII marks the beginning of the end.  The Cold War was a holding action while preliminary human preparations could be initiated.  Open and deliberate action follows.

We do not know how wide is the river that we are crossing.  It marks the boundary between history and the beyond.  We have only the dimmest awareness of what lies on the other side.

Despite many appearances, there is no concerted effort to turn back from this crossing.  Those who might so act have not the vision to discern the situation.  We are already caught up in the currents and well over our heads.

Cause no harm is a helpful guide in this situation.  We need not and ought not to burn our bridges or our boats.  Politics and economics will suffice as our self-transcending vehicles.  Let us facilitate their transformation.

Let materialism run its foreshortened course.  Ours is mainly an educational initiative.  The means of production will continue to shift at an accelerating pace.  Let us monitor that and intervene in only the subtlest fashion.

Let us be more specific.  Through no great contrivance of my own I am a stockholder.  Msft is my largest holding.  Gates has been a central figure in decentralizing information.  I could hope to do as much for spirit.  But can the paradox of decentralism be avoided in either case?  When will we have outgrown our need for the likes of Gates?  We need a vision of the alternatives.

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