‘Dear Ron’
A look back, and a look ahead
(In the form of an open letter)

Dear Ron,

Bill and I had our first strategy talk in well over a year last night in the aftermath of the little dust-up in the Sarfatti group.  I was telling Bill that I have come to an impasse, and that if you are unable to help pull my bacon out of the fire, I don’t know who will.

Let’s recapitulate.  About twenty-three years ago was my ‘spirit-of-truth’ inspiration.  That motivated me to talk to many academic and religious people while intensively researching various metaphysical systems.  After about five years, I reluctantly concluded that immaterialism was the only viable metaphysical system.  I say 'reluctantly' because I knew that I would not have the ‘mojo’ to sell such a radical scheme to intellectuals steeped in modern cosmology.  I knew that it would require an act of God to reawaken that spiritually numbed crew.

I went back into hibernation, until my second major ‘spiritual episode’ which caused me to focus on the paranormal field.  Within a few months I had established contact with you.  That was just nine years ago this month.  I knew then that you were to be the closest thing to a ‘deus ex machina’ that I was going to come across.  With you as my ‘exhibit A’ I returned to my former role of activist metaphysician, making new waves wherever I could.  The activism progressed for about six years up to the point of your deciding whether or not to sponsor our visit to the NSF.  After some hemming and hawing, you declined.

After some fumbling around of my own, I decided that the next logical move would be to embrace the emerging technology of the Internet, as I have been doing for the last three years.  There is now a rather voluminous website.  There has also been a voluminous e-mail correspondence with an extensive network of individuals more or less connected with Jack Sarfatti.

But both the material on the website and my e-mail correspondence still rely heavily on my continued association with you and the possibility that you might at least represent a ‘deus ex machina’ in the larger scheme of things.  My speculations about that focus on the possible existence of an ‘MJ-12’ and the reputed ‘visitors.’

The upshot is that I have played that set of cards to the point of exhaustion of the potential audience and myself.  Without some additional input from ‘on high,’ I will have to do some serious regrouping.

There is a potential upside and downside.  My thesis is that humans are endowed with an unquiet spirit; a spirit that will not rest until it has found its way back home.  For the last several hundred years, science and technology have provided humanity with a surrogate spiritual outlet epitomized by our reaching out to link up with our long lost soul mates among the stars.

This is where you enter the picture.  In as much as anyone in the government is known to have investigated the possibility of our clandestine cosmic links, you are that person.  You are the one who monitors the ‘Aviary’ and the ‘ufological’ arena.  In the background is a continuing epidemic of messianic fervor that has come to include UFO lore as a natural focus.

We have arrived at a Millennial cross-roads.  Our continued material progress is widely questioned, unless there is an unprecedented scientific breakthrough possibly even mediated by our ‘visitors.’

In lieu of a scientific breakthrough, I have been suggesting that there will have to be an imminent spiritual breakthrough just in order to prevent a catastrophic collapse of human hope.  We can see clearly how far we have come.  And as we teeter on this brink of our material prosperity, not knowing from whence will come our next reprieve, we can see even more clearly how far we can fall.

To put this all in a nutshell, it comes down to you, Jack and myself.  You represent the possibility of a cosmic reprieve.  Jack represents the possibility that this reprieve will take the form of a scientific breakthrough.  I represent the possibility that it will take the form of a spiritual breakthrough.  Jack claims that he is now in a position to forge ahead without any additional input from you or the ‘visitors.’  I make no such claim.

I am at the end of my spiritual tether.  If you want to maintain a spiritual option in any manner through my auspices there will have to be some greater effort on your part.  Otherwise I will be maintaining a significantly lower profile.

The practical issue for you at this point is to determine what is the window of opportunity for playing the spiritual card that I have been suggesting.  I could easily argue that this window is much narrower than what others are probably thinking.

If you have ruled out the need for a spiritual contingency along the lines I have suggested, then I need not bother you.  Otherwise we are long over-due for a serious discussion.

Sincerely,  Dan


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