The Death of God
And the sign of the seal

God must die to be reborn in us.  This is the necessary mistake.  God must overreach herself in order for creation to be transcendent.  Jesus’ death marks the spot for all of space and time.  We have carried that torch for two millennia, and now we become the light.

The creation of a new spirit requires a spiritual vacuum.  That vacuum is our history.  Our birth is the breaking of the cosmic shell.  The breaking is not entirely spontaneous.  The x-event was the seal on the shell.  That was the childproof, safety lock.  To break the seal we have to be sufficiently mature to properly grasp the seal.  As we do so, let us be mindful of having set aside our childish ways.

The safety seal will serve as a safety valve for a spell.  A fair measure of that function falls to the Aquarium.  The mixing of the old and new spirit cannot get too violent or chaotic.  It would be a mess.  We must not let the cart get ahead of the horse.  Our new spirit is still vulnerable.

If the x-event was the cosmic seal, then the Inquisition was the mopping up.  That action was logically attributable to the prior sealing.  The ensuing rise of scientific materialism would effectively conceal the seal, but only for the allotted time.

The lesson is that the eschaton is not to be a spectator event.  It will rather be the first full measure of our participation in the cosmic spirit.  We will find safety and encouragement in our own numbers, but they must be the right numbers, especially at our point of entry.  Mark the sign of the seal.

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