The Eschaton
Walk softly and….

Everything will be at risk at the time of our cosmic awakening.  As we leave our historical womb of the millennia for a vastly expanded consciousness, then will we be at our most vulnerable point.  This is the point at which we will be finding out about cosmic redundancy.  This is when the Christ event will truly be recollected.

Does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest?  Does a universe leave a trace when it collapses back in upon itself?  Even our present-day physics suggest that “no phenomenon is a real phenomenon unless it is observed.”  Observed by whom?  If the falling tree kills the only listener, then still there was no sound.  There must be a transcendental observer: an observer that exists both inside and outside of the phenomenon.  This is the meaning of the x-event.  If as we awaken we cannot walk together toward the cosmic light, we will wander apart and die alone in the cosmic void.  There will be no trace of our dreams.

X marks the spot.  That is our emergency exit to the cosmic light.  That will be our sky-hook off the sinking ship.  All our dreams will have to be vested somewhere lest they become a puff of smoke.  We have been preparing for the eschaton for two millennia, let us not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yes, each one of us is a light unto herself, but without a beacon to guide us, very many of us would become snarled in the collective knot of fear that could take two more millennia just to unravel.  We will need all the help we can get.  Let us not become arrogant and intransigent in our hour of greatest need.

I have reason to be optimistic.  The Christ event was a guarantee for the whole world, not just for the few.  This world and every one of us are precious because there is not the cosmic redundancy that the Astronomers and Hindus postulate.  We are not just cogs in a cosmic wheel.  Each of us is a world unto herself.  The earth is not an expendable speck in the cosmos.  It is the center of cosmic gravity.  God has put almost all of her eggs in one basket and is watching the basket carefully.  This might seem foolhardy to us mortals, but not to God.

How do I know this?  Because I know what we would and will do in God’s place and I cannot imagine that God is any less of a moral being than we are.

The best argument against this view is the apparent redundancy of humans.  As a former ZPGer, I can speak to this point with some expertise.  Not only might there be too many of us, but certainly too many of us have died in ‘senseless’ deaths.

Just as the dictates of ecology prevent us from saying that there are too many insects, so must the dictates of spiritual ecology and the cosmic complexity prevent us from making rash judgments about ourselves.  The rapidly increasing complexity and interdependency of the global economy are just a harbinger of much greater things to come.  And of course there are many other spiritual worlds or enclaves, but none of them need be as dense or as isolated as this one. We are the hardest of the hard core.  We are the pearl of greatest price.

If God could ‘deceive’ us with dinosaur bones, would God not also deceive us with the words of the prophets?  Only if the first deception was not necessary to fulfill the latter.  God had to hide herself behind those bones in order eventually to reveal herself over the Internet.  No bones, no Internet.  Science and technology and religion, for that matter, are all interconnected in the historical economy.  That is the very delicate Ariadne’s web in which we are being caught up into heaven.  Hide and seek is a game that even adults can play.  Think of it as stealth technology.  Once we have God on our radar screens it will be a whole new game and a whole new technology.

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