Felicitous Culpability
If you put all your eggs in one basket…

Watch the basket carefully.  Modern civilization, that’s us, is guilty of putting all its eggs into the basket of materialism.  To compound our error, we forgot to watch the basket.  Now, given the over-stressed condition of scientific materialism, someone may have to pull our irons out of that fire.  I hereby volunteer.

But wait one darn minute, you say.  By passing this buck to Dan Smith, or to Joe Blow for that matter, are we not just making the same mistake of putting too many eggs in one basket, all over again.  No, because my basket is a lot easier to watch.  And furthermore, at this late hour, there is precious little choice.

At this point you have to start thinking about cosmic felicity.  If Adam and Eve had not eaten the apple, then we would not have had the opportunity to know Jesus.  If modern civilization had not swallowed the poisoned apple of materialism, then Prince Charming, that’s me, could not have come along to dislodge the apple.

We are facing the probable contingency of a dramatic paradigm inversion from materialism to immaterialism.  Historically, each paradigm shift has been attributable to a single individual.  This one, the mother of all shifts, will be no exception.  Someone rises to each occasion.

Unlike its predecessors, this final paradigm shift has eschatological implications.  As we all awaken to the illusory nature of reality, there is the possibility that our cosmic dreaming could turn into a nightmare.  Prince Charming, Mr. Paradigm Shifter, will have a weighty responsibility.  There must be a sufficient splash to wake most of us up, but not so much of a splash that we all drown.

The hopes and fears of all the years will have to be vested somewhere.  Naturally we want to vest them in God.  And the historical record on this point is also fairly clear.  When our need for God is the greatest, God will show up as or through one of us.  How else would we have it?  How else could it be?

All that I will need is access to the Universities.  As a practical matter this will require access to the academic deans.  This could be arranged through most any national body with both academic and government affiliations.  Considering the nature of the paradigm shift, this ought to be a scientific body.  For instance, my being granted access to the NSF would be tantamount to my having access to any university.

As for my personal qualifications, I believe that I have a modest but unique combination of intellectual, political, and spiritual authority that will be sufficient for this task.  May God help me and all of us.

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