Ferreting out the Answer
or a Tiger by the Tale

It would appear that Susan P. is in for another uninvited guest, and I will once again get to be the bearer of these ‘bad’ tidings.

Also it appears that Ron wants me to be a bus driver.  He wants me to obtain a bus and paint it to look like an ‘official’ MTA bus, and go around the city picking up passengers at the bus stops, but instead of delivering them to their usual destinations, I will take them on an eschatological tour.  When I told Ron that this might be construed as being illegal, he did not seem perturbed.

Would I lie to you?  Do you think for a minute that these were not my ‘official’ instructions from a person who seems no longer inclined to deny membership in ‘MTA-12’?

These, my friends, are *your* tax dollars at work.  Imagine how many bureaucrats it takes to figure out how to capture a Tiger by a Tale.  It even boggles the mind of the putative Conductor.  Why, aren’t you impressed, yet?

Yes, there is supposed to be a website for homeless ferrets, but I have not yet checked.  Ferret: 1: a partially domesticated usually albino European polecat that is sometimes classed as a separate species (Mustela furo)  2: an active and persistent searcher.  This group has a location near Towson, I am told.  I will have to sign the papers saying that I will bear full responsibility for the maintenance of the previously discarded pet.  That responsibility, however, will actually fall upon the birthday boy, Junior (Oct 7).  I was also involved in the purchase of *three* chicks obtained surreptitiously of Mistress P. on a previous such occasion.  It is reported that she does become reconciled to these domestic interlopers.  One of these has had to be replaced by an exotic bird, whose bird-name I regret has slipped my mind.  But I think that if you have been paying extremely close attention you will be able to figure out the ‘real’ name of this new and exotic fowl.

Are you paying attention, Class?  Rap, rap!

Are there any questions?

Who will be the first with the correct answer?

Otherwise I am told that we should be pleased that we are staying the course.  We should by now be able to see clear signs of our progress toward the truth and that even Joe F. is coming around.

And, oh yes, Ron reports an extensive e-mail interchange with Rick.  But we are wondering who ‘Wayne’ really is, and how he would know so much about Rick’s alleged prowess in Germany.  His social security number was not given.

One more thing, Ron has received many requests for invitations to the debriefing and so we may have to rent a tent.  Or maybe we should just hold it @ ‘Dan’s Place’.


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