Foreseeing the Market
A Profits Prophet?

What better venue for laying bare the dilemmas facing a modern prophet?  Is God a capitalist, or is she just going with the flow?  Is there a future for capital?  Even the Calvinists figured that money was at best a means to an end.  But what is the end?

Perhaps the accelerating change is more than a portent.  Perhaps it is an entering wedge for the eschaton.  With such a force in the world, would God not choose to be its invisible hand?  Perhaps we can discern the fingerprints?

Is economics a stepladder to ‘utopia’ that we can kick aside, or should we rather be facilitating its self-transcendence?  Any kicking would have to be violent.  Where is the continuity between the material and spiritual modes of production?  Is Bill Gates Jesus?  Not according to Janet.

Have I not said that the ‘material’ world will just fade to oblivion, once having served its purpose?  Perhaps I was being needlessly dualistic?  I have also spoken of the separation between the high tech and the low tech.  If the new heaven is the high tech, then what is its techne?  What is the ultimate distinction between magic and technology?  If we are being visited, what is the techne of our visitors?  How will this profit our spirits?  It all comes down to vision and its practical implementation.  It is finding the means that harbor the ends.  We do need to reinvent or revision the wheel that is the economy.  It’s the economy, genius.  And maybe there will even be a role for Monica.

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rev. 9/18/98