Free Will?
Secret Agent Man

If there is anything clear about free will it is that if it exists it is the most non-thing-like thing there is.  And it may not exist.

We tend to think of ourselves as moral agents.  We are agents of the Good, of God.  Does that make us free?  Do we not subject ourselves to the will of God?  And is that a free choice?  Or is it an act performed by God’s grace?  Does God have free will?  This is treacherous ground.  Maybe we should try something simple like predestination.

If love is all there is, who needs free will?  Are we not all slaves to love?  Love is the one thing there is just too little of.  How do we make it?  We make it out of trust and faith.  We make ourselves vulnerable to it.  Is there anything else that we ever do?  Anything else is wasted, but nothing is wasted.  All that we can do is try to deny it.  How hard we try.  How hard do we try?

God makes love in making us.  Love is also sacrifice.  God makes the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate act of faith and vulnerability.  Everything is at stake when everything is open.

Going outside the box is going outside of our shell.  It is following the transcendental impulse.  It is the spark that takes us out of every system.  Only then & there can love grow.  It is being gentle as the dove and clever as the serpent.  That is where freedom lives.  We can only reach for it.  We never hold it.  It is no thing.

When we so love the world we will comprehend it.  It will become transparent and revert to no thing.  It will dissolve into the aqua regia of our compassion.  Only then is everything possible.  That is the impossible freedom.  That is what we die for, for the infinitely potent lightness of that being.  It leaves not a trace.  It is the bolt from the blue.  This is not a mystery it is just the mother of eternity.  It is who I am.  It is who we are. It is what is is.


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