The Furniture of the World
Tables & Chairs?

I am a bit like the dentist who tells you that your teeth are OK, but the gums will have to go.  We folks are in good standing, but space and time are suspect.  On second thought, maybe you and I should get a physical.

Recall that what is real is felt meaning.  The paradigmatic and perhaps only feeling is love, and variations on that theme.  The theme is the meaning end of the feeling.  There cannot be love without a story.  Love without a story is a sound without a tune.  Unintelligible.  Love’s story is herstory.  Telling you this is not going to make the tables and chairs disappear, not yet, but it will make them more coherent, which is a big step in that direction.

With regard to space and time, vision and memory, recall that the love that is absent may be more tangible than the love that is present.  But how many loves are there?  There is only one virgin mother and child, all the rest is smoke and mirrors.  That is the microcosm.  Fathers are an afterthought?  No, they are the story makers and heart breakers, which may be about the same thing if you are into country.  The world is the prism and the rainbow of love.  Theme and variations.  Are they not infinite?

Love is blind.  Vision is an afterthought.  It helps with the microcosmic logistics.  We are not lost in space.  We are just lost.  We see the notes, but can’t hear the symphony.  Heidegger heard part of the symphony and got the wrong conductor.  He briefly joined the wrong party, which goes to show that a little knowledge can be dangerous.  Make no mistake, we are playing with fire, and this is the only game in the cosmos.  We can run, and we can only hide from ourselves.  The trap has already been sprung.  Is there a Lady in the house?


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