Gnosis Envy
Science attempts to tap its vital roots

But it is too little and too late.  As Science wanders down its disenchanted, dead-end alley wondering where it went wrong, it begins to be besieged by the vital forces that it had so recently banished to the oblivion of superstition.

Techno-paganism and ‘techgnosis’ are rather feeble attempts by befuddled scientists and futurists trying to recapture the spirit that they had unsparingly scorned until so recently.

Yes, the future belongs to Spirit: a spirit that knows only one master.  A spirit that only one person has ever tamed.  The pagans, anarchists, atheists and nihilists will gnash their teeth to the end.  The scientists set out to master nature in the name of cold logic and see what they have wrought.

Yes, other civilizations, other dimensions intersect with our trajectory at this cosmic crossroads.  They come seeking the pearl of great price, the truth that has been tested by fire, the foundation stone that we rejected.  Science sold its soul to a far lesser truth.  It reaps the whirlwind of its mammon.

I will gladly stand as a witness to the singular truth and as ‘confessor’ to the prodigal son of that truth which is science.  Scientists as a whole reject the ravings of the techno-pagans.  They will not repeat their error of being stumbled by partial truths and half-baked metaphysics.  Patience remains the order of the day.


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