God & ET
Jolting us awake

No ET has been observed wearing a Cross or a Star of David.  ET religion remains very obscure, much more so than their ‘technology’, which by contrast is often thrust in our faces and other places less mentionable.  Thus we are forced to speculate.

The mere fact that ETs do not sport white gowns and halos is more than enough to convince any good fundamentalist that the little buggers must be working for the Devil herself.

On the other hand, the scientific ufologists assume that lack of spiritual evidence is sufficient to prove that ET cares no more about God than does NASA.  And why should they?  Once ET gets over that first bit of Edgar Mitchellesque disorientation, she goes on about her business like any good scientist.  Surely she would be evolved far beyond such childish superstition.

These initial reactions define the current thinking on ET religion.  I suggest we can do better than this.

First we have the Anthropic problem.  Most scientists dismiss the Anthropic Principle with the following observation: the universe is obviously hostile or indifferent to life just by the fact that even under the best conditions it took life nearly a billion years just to carve out the most primitive niche.  Anything beyond that can be chalked-up to the ‘luck of the Irish’.

But if in fact our skies are being over-run with ETs, we will have to reconsider this ‘luck of the Irish’.  Then clearly there are some very deep aspects of physics and the nature of reality that favor a ubiquitous cosmic intelligence.  Clearly the cosmic dice are loaded in favor of such intelligence.  The ‘big bang’ model of creation must at least be augmented with a very strong internal life force or an external designer principle.  In either case, the ETs would be much more directly tapped into this force than are we.

The very strong possibility that ETs are much more directly plugged into the Cosmic Intelligence is the most likely explanation for their apparent lack of religion.  An ET with a bible would be like a fish with a snorkel.  Ludicrous!

But if ETs are so plugged into cosmic intelligence, why do they do such idiotic things to us?  The answer is about the same.  They have a very different mode of being than ours.  They are having a heck of time connecting with our extremely primitive ego-based mind set.  It’s like God trying to communicate with the Israelites.  She had to use every trick in the book just to get their attention.

The primary impedance to ET/human communication is the oft-noted fact that ETs operate in a ‘hive’ mode, while we are in an ego mode.  It is like a native tribal council trying to communicate with John Wayne.  If there is a cosmic intelligence, it is much more likely to be of the former variety than the latter.  Besides, it can be argued that ET customer relations is catching on to our foibles quicker than we are wising up to their own motivational scheme.

Still it seems like a cat and mouse game.  We don’t like being the mouse that is played with.  No kidding!  But I don’t see anyone shaking their fist at a UFO and saying, ‘OK, let’s stop playing games; let’s get down to serious business!’  No, we don’t see anyone putting that idea in the ET suggestion box, do we?

We have now, thanks to the ETs, resolved the existence of cosmic intelligence.  But beyond that one salient point, we spend our time whining about the finer points of ET proctoscopy, and arguing interminably about how the little devils got here.  When we will pop the Big Question?  How can we expect God to treat us seriously while we fixate on every superficiality that comes along?

We think of the ETs as being just another planetary civilization like ourselves, but obviously they are not, and this causes undue perplexity.  We should begin to think of them as the outermost veil of cosmic intelligence.  God was supposed to have sent us a choir of angels, and this is certainly not that.  A choir of angels would have lulled us back to sleep.  Instead we have gotten a jolting wake-up call.  No one likes to be woken abruptly out of a sound sleep, but now that we are awake let us recollect our senses.  Let us begin to paddle our end of the cosmic boat.


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