God Romances the Apeiron

Be aware that two different worldviews are being conflated [in a previous correspondence].

On the one hand we have a Hindu, polytheistic, irrational, infinity of worlds, cosmos.

I, on the other hand, represent the rational, monotheistic, mono-world cosmology.

God is under heavy moral constraint to sift through the infinite possibilities to come up with the best of possible worlds to be actualized through, by and for us, her creatures.

God could create an infinite world or an infinity of worlds but this would be both immoral and irrational. God stands as a traffic cop between the chaos of infinite possibility and the finite, rational reality.

Historians will note the adoption here of the Hellenistic aversion to the Apeiron, i.e. the irrational, indefinite, infinite.

As microcosms, we too sift through the Apeiron of our imaginations and our subconscious to actualize our various attempts at rational pursuits.

In the post-millennial eschaton the finite career of humanity is fulfilled in our reconciliation and reunion with God. Parts of us will also be recycled into the primordial Apeiron.

Does this meet with your approval?

You might, for instance, wonder at the balance that God and we strike between the rational and the romantic.

As a partial answer to my previous rhetorical question concerning the place of the romantic, it would be fair to say that the process of creation is basically God's romancing and seduction of the Apeiron or serpent. The music of the spheres is the music of the snake charmer.

Biblicists will notice, of course, the inverted allusion to the seduction scene in Genesis.

The eschaton is then the logical consummation of the seduction process of creation. Can we then look forward to the emergence of bouncing baby cosmoi, a la Hinduism? No, certainly not in that or in any other simplistic sense.

>[The Divine Nexus] is a
>rectifying matrix like a mathematical "function" which "IS THAT IT IS" and
>automatically makes the rectifications over many lifetimes which we
>experience as "karma"..........

Until Jesus makes the scene, and throws a major monkey wrench in the magic karma matrix/machine!

And right He is! The upstart Son upsets the Old Man's apple cart. Our kids do the darnedest things!


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