In God We Don’t Trust
The only good cosmos is a lobotomized cosmos

Modern atheism is equally as remarkable as it is understandable.  It comes in many forms.  In most cases it exists as a counter-posture to religious conservatism and hypocrisy.  The most common rationale for this counter-posture is to be found in scientific atheism.  Science has no need for the God hypothesis.

The picture is complicated somewhat with the New Age Movement in which other non-theistic ideas and traditions are imported to modern civilization as an adjunct to post-modern syncretism.  Included are various forms of polytheism and pantheism.

In the history of ideas there are strong links between monotheism and the modern science.  Monotheism is seen partly as an antidote to mysticism and pantheism which were generally less propitious to the scientific attitude.

Immaterialistic monism, as opposed to basic dualism, is naturally inclined toward traditional mysticism and pantheism, unless the immaterialist is able not to discard all the insights of modernism with its roots in rational theism.

Pantheists are partial to an organic, living cosmos, but they do not wish for it to possess a will that might be imposed upon their own.  They share in the common wisdom that power corrupts, certainly down here, and as below so above, unless there is very good evidence to the contrary.

However, the mundane abuse of power will continue unless cosmic justice ultimately contravenes it.  Karmic justice with its impersonal mechanism has never been envisioned as problem solving.

Christian theology seems designed to speak directly to the concerns of corrupted power.  The problem lies in what has been left undone, specifically with regard to the Second Coming.  Many Christians feel cheated by the inconclusive nature of the first coming, and have placed their hopes on a decisive and glorious return.  Perhaps decisive and glorious are not both in the cards.  You can take your pick.  Effective, to the point and otherwise minimal would be more in keeping with what has been established and what will avoid the blandishments of power.  The power remains latent in a personal truth and thus ultimately potent.  Justice and the fears of the atheists are reconciled.  Give truth a chance, that is all it needs and it is all we need.

We cannot trust God without trusting ourselves.  Realizing that cosmic truth is necessarily our deepest personal truth will remove the veils of mistrust.  Blandishments will pale.


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