Our Greatest Threat
A challenge for both science & religion

It would not be difficult to argue that the ‘eschaton’ is the greatest present threat to our survival.  But the immediate problem is to define the nature of that threat and the specific challenge that it poses for the scientific community.

The immaterial nature of our reality adds very significantly to all the other instabilities that face us on a daily basis.  In addition to all the physical problems we face, we must also consider the metaphysical.  The fact that our technocratic civilization is oblivious to this situation only magnifies its potential for harm.

I agree that a sudden announcement of the heightened precariousness of our circumstances would not be advisable, but unless precautions are undertaken soon, that may be unavoidable.

The idea of a metaphysical eschaton sounds like something that could only be comprehended by religious experts.  But if it is redefined as transphysical then we are faced with a problem that falls into the chasm between science and religion.  That is the very nature of immaterialism: our previous compartmentalization of reality is overridden, and we are caught with our categories down.

Addressing the new circumstance will require novel thinking.  I am not suggesting a massive effort, merely a concerted effort.  One or more respected scientific authorities should quietly register their tolerance for attacking this emerging problem.  It carries great risks and opportunities, but the longer we ignore it, the greater will be the risks.

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rev. 1/14/99