Working with the ‘shyness effect’

Martin Gardner likes to make hay with the ‘shyness effect’, and it’s hard to blame him.  Where would our technotopia be if our computers were bashful?

The shyness effect is the line drawn in the sand between good ol’ engineering and Reality Engineering.  The shyness effect is the safety-lock on our consensus reality.  That is how we keep our dreams from ‘contaminating’ our ‘reality’.

Reality engineering involves consciousness in a direct fashion.  By definition it must involve our collective consciousness that makes up our consensus reality.

Our consensus reality sometimes seems to be set in stone.  This may be historically accurate.  The global megalithic culture at the dawn of history may have been heaven’s anchor on Earth.  The sacred astro-geometry immortalized therein was the crucial initial step of our globalization via astro-geomancy.  That was the first great reality-engineering project on Earth.  Columbus and NASA are among its logical heirs.

If we wish to build a tower to heaven or a stargate of some fashion, we will first have to retro-reality-engineer the Great Pyramid.  The legend of a stargate being hidden beneath the Great Pyramid may be an encapsulation of these historical circumstances.

This retro-engineering is not easy, or it would have already been done.  It is not just a matter of building an inverse pyramid or even an anti-gravity device of some kind.  The megalithic culture is now firmly established in our collective unconscious.  The shortest distance to the ‘stars’ is a detour through our collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious is the safety-lock on our consensus reality.  The shyness effect that is the bane of the paranormal is just the collective fear that is generated when we begin to tamper with the foundations of our being.  That foundation is the circuitry by which each of us is wired to everyone else and to the cosmos.

But tamper we will.  That, too, has been written in the stars and in our hearts.  The only way to dislodge the tamper-proof seal is by understanding the cosmic 'circuitry' that is the foundation of our being.  Without understanding the circuitry we would only produce short-circuits of more or less catastrophic proportions.  The cosmos is understandably gun-shy.  Thus the shyness effect.

As we continue to accelerate toward the barriers that physics has imposed on conventional engineering, the survival issues thus raised will eventually manifest in a messianic event.  The messiah will be the one who definitively catalyzes the process by which we will discover how our individual selves are ‘wired’ to the cosmic self.  Once we put our global mind to the task it will seem like no task at all.  Until then, reality is truly up for grabs.


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