Our Holographic Connection
It is only Natural

In the previous essay I postulated that humanity is a subsystem in a hierarchy of generative foci of felt meaning.  And earlier I have posited that our particular subsystem comes under the aegis of the AXO schema, which insulates us from the rest of the cosmos.  We are arguably the largest subsystem in the cosmos, playing a crucial and indispensable role.

I have been liberally employing the concept of the microcosm, and I would like now to press the similarity between the concepts of the microcosm and hologram.  In the previous essay I touched on the analogy between microcosm and microorganism or cell.  Animals are composed of cells, any one of which could be cloned to reproduce the entire organism since each cell contains all of the genetic information of the animal.  The case of the hologram is similar.  Each piece of the hologram contains information from the entire image, but without all of the detail.  Each person can be considered to be a piece of the cosmic hologram.  Each of us can grasp the concept of cosmic love, but not all of its detail.

Language also has a holographic aspect in that the meaning of each word is related internally to every other word.  All definitions are circular for the most part.  Each of us represents a meaning that can be defined only relative to everyone else’s meaning.

The relational aspect of all existence is paramount.  The fact that humanity does seem to be isolated from the rest of the cosmos or lost in space, as it were, should be viewed as a contrivance, which is bound to end, and sooner rather than later.

The same observation applies to each one of us.  Reality is naturally relational or holographic and each of us is just a chip off that block.  It is not the holographic aspect that requires explanation, but rather the unnaturalness of things that appear to exist in isolation that is contrived and bears explanation.  And the best explanation is that our isolation is an illusion to which all of us have contributed.
The eschaton is often anticipated as the epitome of an unnatural event, when in fact it signals our return to the natural state of much greater interconnection with each other and the cosmos.

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