The ‘Holy’ Family
A Relational Microcosm

Recently I have proposed the (Christ/human) microcosm as the foundation of reality.  But in keeping with my relational perspective, it would be appropriate to expand that idea to a relational family, particularly to include a virgin mother.  The mother and child would be in a parthenogenic relationship.  This is an anthropocentric, relational cosmogony.  And yes, Oedipus is lurking.  The original sin may have to be reexamined.  The epithet of the street may have a cosmic precedence.

The mother-child bond is then the originary relation.  This particular force of love could and should be given logical precedence over its relata.  Parturition acquires a metaphysical significance prior to any biological function.  The biological function may then be nearer to cosmogony than mere metaphor.  The author-character analogy is closer to this parturitional scheme than is an MPD syndrome, which would lack an adequately relational basis.  But rather than an author, we have a matricial mother. It is the developing 'mother-child' bond that generates the respective personas in a yin-yang orientation.

These considerations bring the cosmos back into a human perspective, and help to explain the connection between the cosmos and microcosm.  The Anthropic Cosmological principle takes on a new depth of meaning.

A better understanding of the Alpha process will aid in our preparation for the Omega process or eschaton.  The reproduction scenario of the Alpha may not be unrelated to the supra-genetic hybridization that is reported by experiencers in the abduction phenomenon.  Hybridization is part of the realignment of the cosmos and microcosm.  The ET’s represent a secondary offshoot from the primary genealogy of humanity.  They did not individuate to the degree that humans did.  They do not participate as strongly in the psyche of the microcosm.  What still remains vague is the origin of Earth/Gaia on the one hand and the angelic sphere on the other.  A rethinking of the Trinity is part of the picture.

It is probable that sexual taboo may play a significant role in cosmic censorship.  Confronting one another along this demarcation are tantra and original sin.  The tension between Eros and Agape goes way back.


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