Was it necessary?

How else could God have died?  For how long then was God dead and what about the Second Coming?  Thus we address the resurrection of God through humanity.  Jesus was resurrected so that he could prepare us for the Second Coming and the Millennium that would complete the salvation of humanity and the resurrection of God.

This problem from the Jewish perspective is that of an interrupted messianic mission.  This was not what they expected.  They did not foresee the death of God as part of the messianic drama, despite the fact that the sacrificial death of the God/king is a universal theme.

Christianity tried to play down the death of God through its elaboration of the Trinity.  The incarnation was a major headache for Christianity, and no other religion had the gumption or calling to take up this burden.  One would suffice.  One will suffice.

Islam was much more efficient as a religion.  It was so efficient that it almost snuffed out a Christianity that was constantly stumbling under its theological burden.  It is only with the Second Coming that Christianity will show its true colors, and become universal.


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