Indra’s Net
And the Modes of Spiritual Production

The problem being addressed is the continuity between the material and spiritual modes of production.  This is of prime concern to us as we approach the spiritual transformation hoping not to suffer severe discontinuities in the process.

The most hopeful sign of continuity at this point is the developing Internet, which appears amenable to a virtual rendering of Indra’s Net, and is in the process of redefining the modes of production as we are swept into an information economy.

Just how far can we expect technology to carry us into the spiritual transformation?  This goes to the heart of our understanding of how the material realm is embedded in an immaterial reality.  I have said that our world is a construct.  Does that leave it open to deconstruction?  Some have suggested that the apocalypse of the transformation will take the form of a demolition derby.  I disagree.

Because our world is and always has been spiritual from top to bottom, the transformation has more to do with our understanding than with the world itself.  Furthermore, since technology itself is a spiritual enterprise at its core it is subject to reinterpretation and redirection along with our own lives.  The only caveat here is that the redirection of technology may occur in the context of a separation of human society into a segment that is more concerned with the transformed technology and a segment that is less concerned.  That demographic division would be the most traumatic aspect of the spiritual transformation.

In any event, these very large considerations must be taken into account in assessing and anticipating the economic and technological changes that are upon us.

The challenge is to anticipate the manner in which technology will take on an explicitly magical aspect.  For instance, many have argued for the magical aspect of virtual realities, but I would not agree.  I am looking for something that is intrinsic to the technology itself.  At the present time it appears that quantum computing is the most likely venue in which technology could transcend its mechanical origins.

Another possibility already being developed is alternative medicine, but it is not clear to what extent technology will be an integral component of this field.

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