Jack & the Discarnates
Genius in his Madness?

Yes, there is a genius in Jack’s Madness.  In order to sell the Quantum to the physics community, he will have to give it a Good Housekeeping seal of approval.  He will have to purge it of its mystical spookiness.

Back-action comes to the rescue.  All the spookiness of the Quantum can be restricted to one innocuous little feedback loop from particle back to Quantum.  All the particle has to do is suck that elusive Quantum field back into its own little classical self, and presto no spooks.  There will then be no discarnate entities because there will be no place for them to go.  The quantum field keeps being pulled out from under them by the under-tow of the back-action.  Too bad, all you wannabe Jesuses can just pack your bags, because God has just had his magic carpet taken away.  The Son is OK, but the Father has got to go.  Spirit remains crucified forever on its very material Cross.  (Just to paraphrase WJ Bryan).

The only God will be those little gray beasties coming back from our future, riding on the back-action, to make sure we aim our quantum rockets in the right direction.

I dunno, Jack.  Conceivably you could be right, but I wouldn’t want to bet the farm on it.  Spirit has a reputation for slipping out of the tightest stranglehold.  Rather like Houdini.  Matter needs spirit a lot more than spirit needs matter.  So here is my little prediction.  Spirit is not going to just slip out of this cage.  Spirit is going to laugh and make the Cage/Cave of materialism disappear.  Yes, it was all just God’s little magic lantern (holygraphic) show.  Now you see it, now you don’t.

But, Jack, be a skeptic.  The harder you resist, the harder you will fall.  It’s liable to make enough noise to turn a few heads.  So I am counting on you to give the performance of a lifetime.


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