Brother James

A recent talk show provides the incentive for some impromptu theology. The James in question is the alleged brother of Jesus. How much of history hinges upon that allegation? What can an immaterialist add to this controversy?

How can it be that such "trivia" comes to dominate our existence? The gods must be crazy. Isnít it time for us to get on with our lives? This is a nervous tick that has come down to us through history. If we intend to transcend history then we must learn to overcome such neuroses.

If the great spirit intervenes directly in human affairs then, arguably, the primary manifestation is to be found in particular lives and events. The spirit also resides in shady glens, but that has more to do with eternity than with history.

The eschaton is the final irruption of spirit. The aquarium is all about being there, being here. Our being here then has something to do with James being there. James is the primary challenge to his brotherís divinity, and also the primary carrier of his reality. That is where the tension of history properly resides. That is where it is resolved.

James is all of us. We are all the brothers and sisters of Jesus, yet he was chosen over us. And so Cain slew Abel. We murder the Jesus in ourselves. That is how we have kept ourselves toeing the line of history, along with James, living in the shadow and fear of the divine spark that has struck too close for comfort.

But James will finally have to grab the spark for himself, and become the first aquanaut. Myth will irrupt into history, finally. What we saw then was the warning shot across our bow. This time it is for keepers. Herod and Pilate, despite all appearances, have been housebroken. He walks amongst us, with us, now again and forever. The aquarium will see to that, because that is the last Job.