I have been asked to comment on the book by Joseph Firmage that has been published on the above website.

Joe is struggling with materialism.  He wants desperately to transcend it, but does not see how, other than through biological evolution, or possibly through death.  He is pushing the envelope of the materialist paradigm to its limits, but that still leaves a big gap between him and immaterialism.

It is not easy for a physicist to pass through the eye of the needle that is immaterialism.  It took me about five years of rationalizing before I could make that leap.

From a public relations point of view, his path is more reasonable.  There are many people who would be willing to go as far as he has gone with the scientific paradigm.  That puts him at the forefront of a potentially large segment of the population.  One can almost calculate the economic and political benefit of being in such a position, but there is no indication that Joe is doing so.  He is sincerely struggling with the truth as he sees it.

I am looking at a non-linear, even discontinuous path between the truth and us.  There will have to be a leap of faith.  But this also has a benefit.

There is a built-in safety mechanism.  We cannot exercise our spiritual powers without becoming more spiritual.  This is a guard against a runaway technology.  The eschaton is the eye of the needle through which we all must pass on our way to the Kingdom that is coming.

It will be up to us to make this passage.  The ‘aliens’ will be able to help us only to a small extent.  We must rely primarily on our own internal divine guidance to navigate the eschaton.

The various species of ‘aliens’ represent a cul-de-sac in the scheme of cosmic spiritual evolution.  The Earth is the center of cosmic gravity.  We are the ones with the spiritual gravitas.  The aliens are here to hang on to our spiritual coattails as we make our spiritual transition.  The Christ event was the pearl of great price.  It is the cosmic treasure that all intelligences seek.  We will show the way back to God.

This is the truth as I see it.


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