Kingdom Come
And how?!

We know that the kingdom is within, but how do we manifest it?  This is like the sculptor and the marble.  We simply let go of everything in our minds that is not of the kingdom.  That takes no less faith than that possessed by the sculptor.  The world is so hard and our minds are so dull.

And there have been impediments.  First there was religious absolutism.  Now there is scientific materialism.  Both are idolatry.  Neither one is of the kingdom.  As we dispense with these distractions we will set ourselves free and unleash an energy that has no limit.  It is the energy of cosmogenesis.  It is the energy of cosmic love.

Before we set off to explore and create new worlds, some work remains to be done here.  That work will not be onerous once we can see the end of it.  Our new vision of a world of spirit will render the old obstacles transparent.  Space and time will take on other meaning.  They will become relative.

But how will the kingdom work?  What will be its governance and its economy?  How do we get from here to there?  That last question contains a big part of the answer.  It is very important to know that our journey begins from right here.  We are already in the perfect place to begin this journey.  Everything that has transpired in our six millennia of recorded history has been a preparation for this commencement.

All the skills and all the tools that we will ever need, we have them right now.  Yes, we have plenty of things to brush up on, but it will all be learning on the job.  There will no bootcamps, no reeducation, and no reformatories.  We all have more than enough to teach each other.

And who will be in charge?  No one will be more in charge than I am right now, and that is not saying a lot.  It will be management by objective.  That will mean that we have to sort out our abundance of new visions, and focus on those where our new energies are best applied.  That will not be easy, but when it comes to vision, we can never have too much.  Let us be embarrassed by the diversity of our riches.

There will be no need for control, beyond the remnants of what we see now.  We don’t need a new economy.  We need to transform the old one.  This is not an economic revolution.  It is an economic breakthrough.


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