The Last Miracle
Embracing the world


Yes, God does hide until it is time for her to stop hiding. And generally
she does hide in plain sight.

I would like to turn our 'paranoia' about God into a 'pronoia.' This would
be the modern equivalent of turning water into wine. I think you are
already on the verge of this, otherwise you would not be here now.

God does 'mess' with our heads, and/or permits other folks to do likewise.
This may be experienced in positive or negative fashion, depending on the
source and on the target. When she is in hiding, she keeps a low profile,
and most of the messing is being done by proxies of one sort or another,
many of them undesirable.

However, the mere fact that God can choose to hide implies that she can also
choose to come out of hiding. This may happen when, where and how we least
expect it. Yet, each of us is responsible to remain vigilant for, and open
to, this very real possibility. It is this never ending possibility that
keeps many of us, probably most us, alive.

And one can go further than just being open to God. One should always be
pushing the God envelope. This is where paranoia becomes pronoia. I am one
of those in this neighborhood who is willing to do just that. If we have
the time and inclination we should set ourselves down and figure out how God
might wish to come out of hiding and then be there and do that. What else
is there to do?

This is what I and some others are doing here.

Like the sign asks, 'How do you like our driving?' As long as you choose to
frequent these environs you will be a de facto participant. How would *you*
like to see God emerge from that tool box in the frozen tundra? Pull up a
log and join the campfire. What would Rainer Maria Rilke have to say about



Yes, and no.

I believe in a universal salvation. I was raised as a
Unitarian-Universalist, after all.

I have and still do toy with the possibility of a Separation with humanity,
but if this were to occur, it would not be based on good and bad. It would
be more along the lines of a separation into high and low tech or into yin
and yang. I do not doubt the basic goodness of human nature, given a
reasonable environment and an understanding of why we are here.

And yes, we are our brothers keepers. We will be evaluated by our influence
on others. But this evaluation also entails that we know what we ought to
be doing.

We are still missing some basic pieces of the formula concerning why we are
here and what we ought to be doing about it. Determining these missing
pieces then has got to be our highest priority.

Mainly what we are missing is the knowledge of the moral/spiritual dimension
of our sojourn on Earth.

Darwinism is a false doctrine in this regard. Darwinism is currently the
main obstacle to our enlightenment. The only way for us to transcend the
severe limitations of Darwinism is to transcend the limitations of
materialism and physicalism. Absolutely nothing has a higher spiritual or
intellectual priority.

Until the scientists and technologists face up to this intellectual and
spiritual challenge, all their other endeavors are being undertaken as if
they were blindfolded.

Most scientists have the excuse that no one ever challenged their
materialism and physicalism. Those within the sound of my voice, no longer
have this excuse, and they will be judged accordingly. They will still be
saved in the end, despite themselves.



I have no objection to the God within, that is Her preferred domicile, after

But do you begrudge Her the occasional foray into the Great Outdoors? Yes,
I admit that the Prophetic Tradition is an old one, and that God uses it
sparingly, but there are times when it becomes necessary for God to show her
face in a singular, historical fashion. There are times when the Prophetic
Voice must be heard in an unmistakable fashion. You probably do not doubt
that both the Maharaji and Jesus have served as special manifestations of

Many people believe that humanity has yet to fulfill its Earthly potential.
They suppose that a dramatic divine intervention will be necessary to
inaugurate this final, historical period of fulfillment. Thus they look
forward to the arrival of a Messiah, Mahdi, Maitreya, Parousia, i.e. the
Prophet for the Millennium.

It seems both callous and elitist for anyone to tell the world that it has
nothing special to look forward to; that there is no slution to our wordly
problems; that we should expect nothing more inspiring than what we have
already experienced on Earth. Faith and hope are the greatest motivators;
we would not even have gotten this far without them. Must we jettison them
now in the home stretch?

Did Bland create the world? Is Bland our destiny in the world? Is humanity
going to be Bored to death? Is Bland the solution to the world's pressing

Perhaps you just look forward to a Bland technological millennium or utopia,
and wish to keep the Spirit sequestered in the mystical recesses of the
mind. Spirit may have other plans. Have you never been excited or inspired
by Spirit?

A Messianic event is risky business, but do you suppose that this is beyond
the capability of God? Are you going to try to prevent this from happening?
Do you wish to kill the Buddha if you meet him on the path?

Do I not serve God's purpose by anticipating and participating in Her
messianic plan? Should you not be doing the same?



>Actually, if masses of people directly experience the God within, that
>will be pretty special, exciting, and inspiring. (Until now, this has
>never happened in history.) And a lot of worldly problems will be
>solved through new approaches inspired and based on this inner
>consciousness and understanding.

This would not just be *special*; it is absolutely essential to our

Spiritual awakening can no longer be the luxury of the few. It is now the
necessity for all of us.

Does the Maharaji not realize this? It certainly would appear that he is
moving his own operation toward this eventuality.

The Millennium is defined as the Aeon of global spiritual wakefulness. It
is the Geist Zeit.

Why do people think that we can just continue to muddle through in our
spiritual daze, with business as usual? Cannot people feel the continued
quickening of the pulse of time? Don't they realize that we are coming to a
new threshold, where it will no longer be possible for us to drag our
spirits behind in the dust?

Surely Maharaji knows this! Is he not riding on the cusp of this wave? Is
this not the knowledge of what it is to be alive at this time?

Every human has always had the capability to be alive, awake and in the
Knowledge. But until now it has been just a potentiality. We have been
putting off the Millennium for all of our history. Now the cosmos has
worked up its head of spiritual steam and it conspires mightily against our
dilly dally. Our lazy days of dilly dally are gone. This is not a test.
This is finally the reality.

With our *inward* turn comes a reciprocal *outward* turn. That is the turn
on which I am particularly focused. That is the turn that will involve the
fringes of science and all of the people who find themselves gathered on
that far shore. Are you and I not among these folks? What is our message
to them and to ourselves?



Why would you suppose that God is an express train?

No. No. No! It is we who are the Santa Fe Express!

It is God who sits in the shack by the tracks. God is the stillness at the
center of the storm. The eye of the cyclone.

The only ontology of Archie is God. God is never anywhere other than where
she absolutely has to be which is exactly everywhere, everywhen.

Even when the express train of events is high on our derailment, there is
just that split second of stillness within that is our only intimation of
eternity. Chris and the Maharaji speak to that split second of stillness.
I speak to the echo of that stillness that begins to reverberate everywhere
as the Santa Fe Express leaves the tracks for good. The little old man in
the shack just smiles and puts down the switch. We are all of that.



>No, no, no. God is an elephant, and because they are blind,
>humans can't "see" it.

Is this the voice of resignation? Are you resigned to human blindness?

Perhaps it is you who are blind to the dawning of awareness. Have you done
everything that you can to make straight the way for the Dawning of the

I think that you protest the darkness too much. You seem too much huddled
by the light of your one candle. There is a brighter light and it comes
from the active sharing of what each of us has to offer. That sharing is a
two way street. It is a grand, global dialog, it is not the mumble of
monologues. Are you going to let the Living Energy pass you by?



You write the fiction of the Last Miracle. I am interested in the reality
of the Last Miracle. How will the fiction become the reality?

Writers of fiction tend to be recluses. The outer world never seems able to
live up to their inner world. This is partly the problem with Chris and the
Maharaji. It is relatively easy to embrace the reality within. It is more
difficult embrace the world. Very few are ever truly able to do this. When
they do, it leaves an indelible imprint on the psyche of every human.

This miracle has happened before. And it need only happen once more before
the Eschaton. This will be the Last Miracle.

Does your fiction speak at all to this reality?



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