The Living Hologram
Old wine in a new skin

The possibility that we inhabit a ‘holographic’ reality is widely appreciated.  I should like to emphasize that our fellow creatures and we are the living embodiments of this hologram.

It should be noted that the holographic model is highly simplistic.  It would usually be difficult to distinguish between the hologram image, or explicate order, and the holographic implicate order.  What we actually experience is not just a 3-dimensional image.  It has been highly processed and imbued with meaning, which flows in from the implicate dimension.  There is not a clear distinction between the two orders.  Correspondingly, there is likely also to be much ambiguity between the public and private, conscious and unconscious aspects of this model.

The internal relations of the implicate order give rise to, and are played out in the external, space-time relations of the explicate order.  The explicate order need not be without apparent influence upon the implicate.  It is ultimately a matter of perspective.  Our great attention to the meaning of the explicate order ensures that it meanings will be active in the implicate order.

All creatures are microcosmic components of the living holograph.  Each is an aspect of the cosmic self with more or less individualized existence.  The Sun and the atom are projections of the cosmic hologram, necessitated by anthropic self-consistency.  The Sun may be viewed in part as the explicate projection of the internal phototropic nature of the plants.  The implicate counterpart of the atom is the arena or logical nexus in which the self-consistency of the physics and biophysics is worked out and maintained.  The reality of explicate atoms is an abstract derivative of that implicate logical role.  Human memory is the implicate medium of the cosmic dilation between the Alpha and Omega.  The explicate flow of time is an artifact of psychology.

Total consistency and optimality of the explicate hologram is maintained by the holographic, self-like nature of the Alpha/Omega monad.  Any lesser, sub-optimal, partial candidates for reality are lost to destructive interference effects.  The myriad creaturely selves act as a phased array antenna with a single lobed output that is the optimized reality.  We are the living actuators of the cosmic hologram, while still being an integral part of its unity.


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