The Logic of Creation
Stressing non-redundancy

We live in a world that is comprehensible and we sometimes wonder how it got that way.  How much of the comprehensibility lies with us, and how much with the world?  There is also a logic to our dreams, but it is rather less stringent than the logic of the world.  I suggest that the world is a dream product that is subjected to the laws of necessity and self-consistency.

Our history is the shortest path between the Alpha and Omega points, between the beginning and conclusion.  For the sake of argument we may assume that at present we are much closer to the Omega than to the Alpha.  Once initiated the dream develops a life and momentum of its own up until the conclusion.

An important condition is that we not wake up in the middle of the dream.  Our natural curiosity that drives us to test the limits of our dream reality is offset by our more conservative desire to avoid rocking the boat.  There are various social mechanisms that keep these conflicting desires in balance up until the conclusion.

Our integration into a natural order is necessary to make us feel at home.  The laws of physics provide a platform for the natural order along with the rules for action and interaction.  These laws enable us to occupy a shared reality.  The elegant mathematical structure of these laws may represent the minimal logic required to integrate the Anthropic constraints operating at the phenomenological level.  The mathematical structure is required for a seamless support.  The mathematics may also be spontaneously entailed by a naturally occurring principle of sufficient reason.  They represent a least action process.

Human consciousness represents the exposed nodes of a collective network of cosmic intelligence.  The mathematical structure is the lowest level of the network.

There can be other shared realities that are less physical and more dreamlike.  Different organizing principles will prevail. Entities are able to transition between realities with more or less difficulty.  In some cases there is just a shifting of consciousness and in other cases there is translocation.  There is a transduction or translation of phenomena.  Anomalies may result.  Complete translation might inhibit a return.  Special interactions may be required on both sides of the transition.  Special pathways may develop through habituation.

The unified state of the cosmos is probably the high entropy state.  It is the most probable and natural.  It takes much effort to compartmentalize the cosmos into separate worlds.  All entities and worlds are interconnected on many levels.  The identity of indiscernibles is one of the elements of logic ensuring the interconnection.  Identical experiences are identical.  Experience is non-redundant.  There is also only one electron that puts in multiple appearances.  There is just one electron shuttling back and forth on the loom of time.  It was Feynman who pointed that out.

One might wonder about the degree of difference between worlds.  The existence of biological functions in a world will determine many of its physical attributes.  It would seem that biological reproduction is an either/or, make or break proposition.  Any habitat supporting reproduction would likely share many of its characteristics with the Earth.  That would necessarily include creatures with human-like consciousness.  I am suggesting that there are no non-planet-like ecosystems.  Any system on that scale would have to include human-like consciousness.  Thus it is not unreasonable to suppose that there is only one planetary system.  The identity of indiscernibles acts to pull any competing world into our experiential trajectory, into our historical manifold.  This would have happened in the mythic dreamtime with the gathering of the tribes, and it is happening again now.  Before that megalithic ingathering employing sacred celestial geometry, the planetary status of the tribal worlds would have been indefinite.  There might have been transitional proto-planets to circumscribe the tribal consciousness.

This might be my most outrageous sounding claim.  It is not offered gratuitously.  If it is correct it is a matter of cosmic logic.  The other worlds that appear to be in contact with us are parasitic upon our reality.  They are not and have not been independent of us.  Some of them may be alternate trial futures of our own world.  Their technology is much less oriented to physics than is ours.  They may be employing hybrid mental-physical technology that we will be able to borrow from at the appropriate time.

We will be able to create some new compartments of reality but they will not support a robust independent biology or ecology.  That is unique to the Earth.  There need be only one biological factory.  Redundancy is not necessary or possible in a teleological cosmos.   Gaia will revert to her timeless form once our history concludes.  And there is only one history to go with the one Earth.  But there may be many ways of experiencing that history.  It is capable of an unlimited depth of meaning, of which we have only scratched the surface.

If there could even be two Earth-like worlds then there might as well be an infinite number.  Our uniqueness is part of our attractiveness.  It helps to explain why there is so much contention over our limited spaces.  It is our meaning that is not limited, but we have yet to grasp that potential.  That meaning awaits our multidimensional reenactments, whatever that may be.  Almost all of history still lies buried in our unconscious.  There is gold in those hills.  Nothing is wasted in the cosmic economy.  Our potency resides in how much of us is hidden, especially from ourselves.


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