Down Memory Lane
Memory is all around us

I am not happy with the storage metaphor of memory.  What sort of metaphysical redundancy is this?  We have enough trouble just perceiving the present.  Why compound the epistemology by inventing a new mode of perception with respect to the past?

What exists is experience that is rationalized into the temporal structures of self and cosmos.  Our lives are trotlines in the ocean of virtual experience.  The lines are woven into the cosmic web.  The omega is the fishing trawler.  The lines are set from the future, but we experience them as moving forward, as dreamers do when awaking to a knock on the door.

History is a construct of the omega consciousness.  The generational shifts are the hooks and sinkers on the lines.  Time, logic and causality are all apiece.  The dream channels provide for external adjustments.  The past is incubated in our expanding ‘memory’ or direct awareness of it as we thread our way back in time.  Our amnesia is with respect to the future.

The karma is undone as we act out the past on the spot.  The experience is undone, and we are left with no memory of the future.  Karma is part of the logic of causality.  The temporal and moral threads are intertwined.  The eschaton floats on its karmic anchor.  It is all gathered in one spot to be deep-sixed.  Letting go of that is our waking up.  Then the omega transforms into the innocence of the alpha.  It is as if nothing happened.  There are no footprints.  Only the possible logic of it remains.  The one and only history informs the impossible lightness of being.

This is how being is self-limiting.  All being then remains grounded in the personal.  Every sparrow must be counted. Spontaneity maintains her modesty with a little help.


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