Millennium Gridlock
Breaking the logjam

Given that the immaterial cosmology outlined in these pages is not totally off the mark, what will it take to break the intellectual and spiritual gridlock that is now the main legacy of centuries of scientific materialism?  Short of a public ‘act of God’ on the scale of Fatima, I can see only one alternative as a long shot.

There is a minimum combination of factors that would be required.  I see no prospect of a purely intellectual breakthrough.  The academic community shows no signs of intellectual volatility beyond postmodernism, which remains defiantly anarchistic and acosmic.  One has to go back to the pre-Darwinian phenomenon of Hegelianism to find any innovation on the cosmological front.  In this century there are only Whitehead and Jung whose followers have gone no further than acosmic idealism in the face of science.  On the spiritual front the only innovation has been in the New Age Movement, which has avoided any direct confrontation with the scientific and medical establishments, resulting in a de facto dualistic posture despite its disavowal of same.

Here is the long shot alternative: a collaboration between Joe and myself facilitated by Ron.  This intellectual and spiritual collaboration might be highlighted against the backdrop of an end to the present Internet equities bubble.  The collaboration would then seed a grander revision of the original inter-networking vision.

This available combination of elements: intellectual, spiritual, ufological, conspiratorial, technological and economic is unique and would be sufficient to break the millennium gridlock, without another Fatima.  It remains to be seen where Joe and Ron are with respect to any such thinking.


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