Objectivity 2
Punch cards

Suppose that we can concede a pre-scientific version of nature to a cosmic intelligence.  What about all the human artifacts?  How can we explain those without invoking objective materials?  I submit that it requires no additional metaphysics to explain punch cards than is required for woodpecker holes in a tree.

Let us look again at nature.  A good cybernaut already has the tools to create a credible virtual lifeless planet, like mars, and store the result in a set of punch cards.  I am not suggesting that God would resort to punch cards.  God is not a Univac in the sky.  I merely posit an entity containing multiple personalities, which are capable of sharing dreams and memories, or not sharing them when appropriate.  Some of the personalities could be pecker-like, others would be human-like.  Let them start dreaming and voila.  That is the way Tom Sawyer would create a world.  That is how I will save this world.


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