Ocelot & Ferret
Green Light?

I have been reminded that there is a more definite ferret connection with the Aviary.

There are two 'birds' that are not birds. These two are known as Ocelot and Ferret. It was several years ago that these two names came up, and they had not been mentioned since, so my memory lapse is understandable.

Ocelot and Ferret reside in the DC area. Periodically they make a trip to Los Alamos, sometimes as often as twice a year. The purpose of the trips is to ascertain whether the time is right yet for disclosure. The inference is that the conclusion has been uniformly negative, unless we are also talking about back channel disclosures. However, in the present context, we are being given to assume that finally Ocelot and Ferret have been given the green light for the front channel disclosure.

As an aside, let me add the following. You may recall the infamous 'tarmac delay'. Back in ancient times, in the first Clinton term, there was a two hour tarmac delay of AF One at LAX, with Bill on board. There was much speculation in the media as to the possible explanation, until finally an LA hair stylist (male) was trotted out at a press conference. This did not end the speculation as to the true nature of the tarmac tryst, and I was willing to venture an ET hypothesis along the lines of Ike with the toothache in Palm Springs. I then heard from a Houston source that there had been two previous, shorter tarmac delays that had only been reported in the local media. Both of these were at, ta da, Albuquerque. Next I heard from an expatriate British astronomer, with whom I had once shared an ONI contact, that the story inside the Beltway was that Bill had not liked the first two 'haircuts'.

If we factor into these stories, the Aviary Ur-myth of EBE1-3, with their now residing under that mesa in NM, we get a common thread. Please recall that my very first avairy story, that I immediately disseminated on compuserve, was of Pelican headed to Los Alamos to meet with Penguin and an ET. The trip was postponed, allegedly due to my loquaciousness, qv. ici.

Oh, yes, sorry but we're not quite through yet. Those three (Easter) chicks1-3?? There really were three of them, since I was instrumental in their purchase on my card, predating the still expected arrival of the ferret at the Pelican household. My previous account, however, has been corrected. Two of those 3 chicks eventually had to be replaced with two more, one of which turned out to be a bantam rooster. Now as Freud said, sometime a cigar is just a cigar, but with Pelican involved, one can never be too sure of that. So is it just possible that the bantam rooster is also a fowl proxy for a certain chicken little? And what would 'replacement' then mean?

I have no doubt that this exercise is trying the patience of any number of you. We have been promised a real story, not just chicken excrement, so to speak. However, I can see why, even at this very late Ocelot hour, it is helpful to be reminded from whence we cometh, and just how we are arriving at this historical juncture, where we are poised to finally break the chicken ceiling and all become cosmic birds.

To this end, I have consulted with my local and long-time media consultant, author and experiencer. He suggests that both of us meet with Pelican at an early date. If the meeting is reasonably propitious, he could then contact Sy Hersh about doing a set of articles in which the disclosure heat would gradually be turned up. The trick here is to get out as much as possible into a public medium before, inevitably, the questions get back to the Pres.

This raises another delicate point. Who will the President then be? It would appear that this disclosure has been on hold for the last several years pending a changing of the guard. Pelican picks W as the lesser of 'evils'. I have referenced familial connections with the B's, although my sib in question is now leaning to Al, due to his stance on women's issues. In any case, a changing of the guard always seems to stir the disclosure pot. This time bodes to be no exception, what so ever!!! Oh, by the way, I do believe that our little pelican has come up in the world a bit and is now the nio/cmi, but I could be mistaken.

I should point out that there already was arranged a preliminary meeting between Pelican and the local investigative journalist previously cited, that was about three years ago. As you see, the wheel of 'justice' turns slowly, but it grinds finely.


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