One Atom, One World
Cosmic Economy

Physics disposes us to think of things as cheaper by the dozen.  Physics is redolent in redundancies.  Immaterialism, on the other hand, strives for economy.  More precisely it strives for coherence.  No, coherence is a given with idealism, the only option being the manner of its realization.

There can be only one ideal world.  If there were two distinct worlds, one would be either redundant or less than ideal.  We have good reason to suppose that human history constitutes the core of a reality, which extends significantly beyond what we presently know, while remaining knowable in its entirety.

 Our world is a stretch.  It pushes reality to its absolute limit, ne plus ultra.  Our Earthly experience is the cosmic centerpiece.  The ideal cosmic glue is our collective comprehension.  Science attests to the fact that this creation has pushed coherence to its logical limits.  The atom is the emblem of its logic.

There is one Platonic atom.  All of the experimentally envisioned atoms are perfect renditions of the one perfect form.  Atomic nominalism and minimalism are necessary to avert the dissolution of reality into myriad anomalies.  The anomaly busting is done mainly by our plethora of contrivances that are network us into the atomic ideality of science.  Our technological lives are held hostage to this ideality.  Our magical selves are thusly held in check.  Liberation comes only in a very carefully orchestrated eschatological/millennial context.

Our world is not overpopulated.  It is merely stretched to its logical limit population wise, and every other wise.  We would have it no other way in this singular world.

We are the high wire artists, suspended in history between the Alpha and Omega.  There is no higher wire.  Our mere existence attests to the solidity of our teleological moorings.  As there is but one atom, there is but one self.  Our singularity is complete.  The perfection of the atom is manifested in the 10^10 self-reflecting souls that it supports in its materiality.

The Solar system is a reflection of the cosmic atom.  We dream of the solar induced photosynthetic virtuosity of our plants, but we dream cautiously lest we be sunburned.  The eschaton is where caution is finally thrown to the bonfire of coherence.  The mathematical coherence of the atom is reintegrated into the logical substance of the one self, which was its origin.

The contextual intelligence/integrity of atomic physics is thus ensured.  All of biophysics is subsumed in the stretch between the self and the atom, down to the stretch marks themselves.


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