One with God
One with the World

Was Jesus just another mystic?  Evidently not.  He did not renounce the world.  He took possession of it.  His was the stake for God’s reclamation of the world.  He brought down the Kingdom.  God was setting up shop – right then and there.  It was to be a monopoly franchise – the ultimate ponzi scheme.  The medium of exchange would be the Holy Spirit.

But did it work?  It is working to completion.  The fat lady is about to sing.  The last remaining idol, scientific materialism, is about to be turned inside out.  Imperial science is about to be shown to its place in the Kingdom.

So the world was not an illusion after all.  It was God’s Venus flytrap for all the wayward souls.  Here we are caught with our hand in the cookie jar, stuck in the ambrosia of the gods.  This is the best of all possible flytraps.  It is the only one that ever was or ever will be.

God did not create this world just to commune with a few mystics.  She was after bigger game.  It was a package deal from the beginning.  We are the willing sinners and reluctant saints.

As we participate in God we become one with God and one with the World.  It is panentheism in the end.  All the past and all the future become present in our Christ consciousness.  We become the resurrection of the dead and the rapture of the future.  Is this a mystery?  Not when it is in our face.


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