Pearl Divers
Low on oxygen


What makes us special is our physicality.

We may consider evolution from a gnostic, not a Darwinistic, perspective.

Physics is not natural. Physics, both the subject and its content, is a excursion into the gnostic, Platonic basis of our parochial, constructed reality.

Yes, the shell of Earth was a work of high artfulness. It does look sooooo natural in all its hyperrealism. This was just the scaffolding of the cosmic terraforming shell that surrounds the cosmic singularity that is the source of being.

It is also a burning place -- full of burning issues. It is a cosmic coal seam, where the intense pressures generate the occasional lustrous gem. These are the pearls of great wisdom. We all are the gnostic pearl divers. We have devolved into our present state of maximum materiality, for a very good reason. The hopes and fears of all the cosmos are born into our night of the soul.

Yes, we are headed back to the stars with our Pearl of Great Price, but not in rocketships. And I refer not to our piddling complement of deoxy-ribo-nucleic acid. We are headed back to the many mansions that are our mother's house, in glory, trailing our dreams behind us.

The Earth will finally be reliquished back to the nature devas. You may choose to remain here as a nature deva, as your adopted home, or you may return home with the rest of us.

The preternatural, naked core of the Earth is the cosmic singularity, the preconscious gusher of being. Yes, we have harvested this mind field. Our mission is accomplished. Let us not tarry.

Every popular action movie of the last two decades prefigures the tightness of our departure schedule. Our next one thousand years will be a flash in the cosmic pan.

Do I prejudge, or just prefigure?



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