Operation 'Prince Charming'

Operation Analysis:

In order to preempt a larger insanity, we institute a smaller one.

We build a mininal backfire in order to stave off a wildfire.

Dan Smith is turned loose on the college campuses.  Lacking the ability to turn water into beer, he will have to be given an entre.  The entre will be through the Deans' offices.  That can be arranged as follows.

A white paper along the lines of 'Felix Culpa' would be written and also a cover letter requesting a meeting, probably at the NSF.  At said meeting we would discuss the logistics of having one of the members of the foreign liaison group at NSF, i.e. one of your guys, handle any telephone inquiries from the Deans' offices.  The only statement given out would be to acknowledge that the alleged meeting had taken place.  There might also be occasional inquires to your office, wherever that will be.  The rest of it will be up to me to finesse.

I will be attempting to generate discussion and controversy toward the
activation of the academic 'grapevine.'

For all we know and don't know, there may actually be an eschaton lurking out there in the cosmos.  The idea here is to try puting a bit of the fear of God into the Godless academe.  This will be done on a carefully graduated and experimental basis to obtain the stimulus/response parameters for these subjects, using in their own terminology.

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