Quantum Magic
A Bridge to Immaterialism

In the eyes of immaterialism the entire world is a magical construct.  Technology is a particular form of that magic and should in general be subject to whatever forms of mental manipulation the rest of the world is subject.

At the present time the best demonstration of magic is in the field of alternative medicine.  I am referring to the apparent effectiveness of various psychosomatic techniques ranging from placebos to acupuncture.

Another realm where magic is alleged to be observable is in the paranormal field and this would include parapsychology.  Psychology proper is purely magical if we consider it to be the domain of the psyche.

None of the above traditional realms of magic have a direct bearing on technology.  Technology pertains to physical systems, which function according to precise laws.  Any telekinetic interference with such systems would in the first instance result in malfunction.

Recently, though, a number of people have suggested that the quantum domain provides a likely channel for the mental to impinge upon the physical.  Generally I have been reluctant to follow this line of inquiry because of its dualistic aspect, but for the same reason it may serve as a conceptual bridge between materialism and immaterialism.  Pressing our luck even further we might hope that it could also provide a technological bridge.

Quantum computers would hopefully provide the leverage that would allow traditional technology to transcend itself.  Even if that turns out not to be the case, we can use this possibility to launch an exercise in the economics of immaterialism.

Quantum computers might serve to amplify and test the ability of our minds to directly influence the world.  They might also serve as probes of alternate realities.  In either case they would provide a fundamental extension to the power and scope of the Internet.

The immediate concern is to see where and how the conceptual possibilities of QCs might be exploited economically.  Perhaps even more important is to determine how susceptible the market is to ideas with metaphysical content.

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rev. 9/23/98