Realities for sale or rent,
Rooms to let, fifty cents….


>> If Creation is not accidental, then it is programmed in some fashion.  It is tweaked from the future in self-consistent loops in time….<<

A 'programmable' reality, assuming that the 'programming' of it can be shared equitably by all of its participants, guarantees unlimited, creative power to them.

A merely 'tweakable' reality offers much less creativity to the participants. That reality is much less amenable to being fashioned to meet the needs and desires of those participators. The untweakable part of it is like dead weight, which is not designed for any intelligent use.

Clearly, then, the 'programmable' reality is the more desirable. Desirability is the great attractor -- toward which ultimate reality conforms by the power of the consciousness that it generates and captivates.

The less desirable, merely tweakable realities loose out in the Cosmic Nielsen ratings. They would quickly become uninhabited, and die of total conscious neglect.

Which kind of reality would you prefer? Would you really want to end up in a low-rent, dead-end reality??



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