Reality Engineering
& the non-captive audience

Jack, et alia,

The unwitting arrogance and hubris of physicists is due to their understandable assumption that they are confronting an absolute reality of which we are all a captive audience.

It never occurs to them to Question Reality. Physicists know only how to interrogate reality, they never actually question it. Do you see the fundamental distinction?

Nonetheless, let us celebrate the fact that that our very own Jack is pushing the envelope of physics like no one else before, and maybe even since. I say not since, because there may be a breaking point for physics. Jack is just on the verge of breaking physics, and I have been tasked by Ron to egg him on. Jack is teetering on the brink between good ol' physics and REALITY ENGINEERING. All I have to do is whisper these sweet nothings in his ear and he will wake up one fine morning, take a sip of Latte, and realize that he is no longer a physicist, but now he is a CIA certified Reality Engineer. Hallelujah! And, my well-deserved CIA pension will get me all the way to Hawaii.

Here is the Whisper of the Day: Jack, there is no way you can keep us down on the physics farm! Is that not the very most basic lesson of our Starry Visitation? Your less starry eyed colleagues realize that once they pin their sheepskins on a shooting star they are stepping beyond the pale and into the twilight zone of REALITY ENGINEERING. Yes, Jack, you have gone where physicists fear to tread.

Consider the lowly STARGATE. Suppose that you could build a stargate with just good ol' Bohmianated Torsion physics. What would be the very first *human* CONSEQUENCE? That is one little problem you have, Jack; you are great with the physics, but weak with the human factors part.

Guess what is the very first thing that those little human buggers are going to do with your stargate? You don't have to be a brain surgeon to know that they are going to BUG THE HELL OUT!!! Talk about Boat People, well, you ain’t' seen nothin’ yet. Remember, Jack, what Ron told you. Listen to Dan when he talks about the Trends. Well, Jack, you give me a Stargate, and you will see the biggest Trend to hit this planet since Noah's Flood! We won't need any eschaton, 'cause there won't be anyone here but us chickens.

How, Jack, are we going to keep 'em down on the Farm?

Oh, but it still gets worse!

In a distant Galaxy, far, far away is the Bistro at the End of the Universe. It is the absolute Chic place to be. You are absolutely no one if you don't show up at the Bistro at the End of the Universe. What are the Bistrovians going to do, when they see the impending onslaught? They are going to say, 'Hey this is ridiculous, let's blow this joint.' They are going to take one of Jack's stargates and aim it at the Universe to End All Universes. And then what? In the very next breath, every stargate in this backwater universe is going to be aimed directly at the Universe to End All Universes.

If there ever was a trend, Jack, that is it.

No wonder your colleagues are reluctant to go around poking holes in the space-time continuum. There can be only one end to it.

Oh, but it still gets worse!

If a stargate is possible then probably a lot of other things are possible such as teleportation, out of body travel, etc., etc. In fact it will be very hard to make people believe that we don't, each one of us, have our own personal stargate. We call it 'death'.

So it's six of one, half dozen of the other: Stargates, Teleportation, Out of body travel, Reincarnation, Transmigration of souls, Metempsychosis, etc.  However we look at it, we ought to be the least captive audience that could possibly be imagined. So what the heck are we doing in a crummy, backward joint like this?

We have to jump to the conclusion that we are prisoners here on Planet Alcatraz, and that Physics, the WTF, ETs, God and everything and everybody else in creation is conspiring to hold us captive down on this Prison Farm while we pay for our not very original sins or just plain bad luck.

Yes, that is what almost every human has ever believed, Hindus, Christians, Scientists, Ufologists, everybody. This is the Paranoiac view. Jack is plotting the prison break.

But I am saying that the only thing around here that is going to break is the Physics. This is the Pronoiac view.

We are in for some heavy duty, industrial strength reality engineering. The ETs are here mainly just to demonstrate this reality engineering.

So what the heck took them so darn long?? And why do they have to be so coy about it?

Well, yes, Dick, it's because this really is the Only Planet of Choice. Also there is that little proviso, the 'prime directive'.

But, first, let's back up just one minute here. Where were we headed before we fell into our little paranoid funk? We were headed to the Universe to End All Universes. And just what would that be? It would be a universe that was eminently amenable to our desires. It would be an unobstructed universe. There would be no obstructions to the realization of our dreams. What is ever and always our one greatest dream but to love and be loved. The Universe to End All Universes is the universe that has no obstruction to love. Could there be such a world?  Almost certainly, unless there is a cosmic law prohibiting love.

Could there possibly exist any lesser worlds? They would become totally uninhabited in an instant unless the World of Ultimate Love conspired to keep untold billions of souls trapped in love challenged/obstructed worlds, kinda like this one. But that would not be a very loving thing to do, would it? Goodness me, we must have a paradox!

There is only one way to avoid this ultimate paradox of love. We have to identify our world as the World of Ultimate Love. What a streeeeeeeeetch that would be!!!!!

Not really. We need only add a little bootstrapping to the creation process and we become the amnesiac bootstrappers of the Creator, about recreate our love machine. And so the human history of being love challenged is just the blink of an eye, 'sub specie aeternitas'.

Whew! That was a fast one I just pulled, but I have already run over my time allotment.

And, yes, Jack, your great-great-granddaughter, Sophia, told me what is the 'cheat-code' to get to the next level of this cosmic game. Can you guess what it is?



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